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Allotment layout March09

Double Click on this pencil sketch to view

Minutes 19March09

Marlborough Community Gardens

Committee Meeting

Thursday, 19th March 2009 @ Riversdale Community House



Neville White, Donald Oakes, Richard Hunter, Peter Crosbie, Judith Crosbie, Tina Fortune, Patricia Clay, Karen Walshe & Tim Newsham


Chris Fortune, Tracey Williams, Richard Kundycki & Fliss

Correspondence in:

Jane Horder – Nelson Media – full page advertisement in Nelson Leader and featured in Saturday Marlb. Express, radio interview

Rosie Bartlett – MDCouncil – water meter installed. Keeping tabs for 3 months to gauge water usage, considering whether to charge or not.

Sharlene of Te Waiha - received funding for their garden and awaiting programme coordinator

Waimarama – organizing visit to gardens in Nelson

Alex Lloyd – sample logos for consideration

Don Cross – proposal for allotment, propagation unit

Correspondence out:

Marlborough Horticulture Society & Slow Food – enquiring to their interest of becoming involved

Matters Arising:

Julie Williams comments:

Refer to Ralph Ballinger's Local Calendar book, an excellent reference tool

Good funding start, still source tools, seeds, plants from the community – keep people involved

Remember community pride. Involve Hunters Garden Marlborough.

For future – become involved in Best Children's Garden by Garden Marlborough judges.

Ask for help, HGM are keen to be involved, encouraging young gardeners.

Health Board and Lions supplied picnic tables, made up by Health Board at their workshops, also Lions for equipment tools, wheelbarrows.

Make sure paths are wide enough. (Thank you Julie)

Tim New sham called Minutes as true and correct, Seconded by Neville White


Treasurer's Report: (Patricia Clay)

Started with                            $11,250 .00

Paid IRD GST                           $1125.00

Paid Hessian                            $104.00

Reimbursed Tina Fortune       $734.32

(Golden Bay research trip – travel expenses, accomm. 50% meals, disposable camera) plus working bee expenses and padlock for container

Container $1,000 (9 month lease period) plus moving cost – account yet to be received – option to purchase in future

Balance                                   $9161.62

Neville White has presented reimbursements for working bee costs

Patricia suggested all reimbursements be presented before the next meeting so they can be included in the accounts for payment at the meeting

Patricia called Treasurer's Report as true and correct, moved by Richard Hunter






Coordinator's Report: (Tina Fortune)

Special thank you to Neville White and Richard Hunter, for their effort and time given over the past month towards the various projects underway.

Refer attached report.


Garden Team Leader Report: (Richard Hunter)

Don Cross – tutor of National Certificate of Horticulture written proposal to set up a propagation unit with shade house on an allotment. Course is free, funded by Skills Update Training. Would be a commercial enterprise. Presently has 30 students, would like to have 40 students, as this would cover costs to set up the unit.

Refer attached report.


Infrastructure Report: (Neville White)

Neville presented hard copies of:

 Layout sketch of the gardens – available on blog site

Task List – to be distributed to members

Information brochure outline

Application & guidelines

Application forms


Raised issue that probably need Constitution – other community gardens have one in place

Draft budget started


Charitable Trust Report: (Patricia Clay)

Draft presented.

$10 each required from each Trustee.

Need to specify allotment rules within trust deed

5-8 trustees required and to be decided upon – name & DOB to be emailed to Patricia @

Patricia to have solicitor look over document for comment

Tim Newsham suggested change the numbers of people required to attend an AGM





Tina F still seeking someone to coordinate funding.

Judith defined funding as sourcing income, fundraising as holding an event to obtain an income.

Research other community gardens to provide ideas

Richard H proposed that every group looks after themselves to minimize trust and funding input

Tim N enquired if any other gardens have used task force green?

Need to list what would need to be maintained, managed outside of plots to ascertain funds required.


Being aware of time, Tina asked if there were any other comments in respect to the Agenda, to please email them to her @


General Business:

Wednesday, 25th March, visit arranged to Waimarama Organic Community Gardens in Nelson.


Tim N raised idea of having senior staff from NMIT, Nelson and Marlborough, on board with the garden – Tina suggested inviting them to the six-month report due in June/July that needs to be undertaken as part of the MOU.



Tim N is to teach organic gardening at NMIT & possibly utilize the gardens.

Demo garden – Tim raised needing to be organized by June for spring demo gardens.


Discussion on logos presented by Tina F on behalf of Alex Lloyd. Richard raised he would like to see more representation of Maori and symbolism of rivers and mountains. Richard to email a brief to Tina, to go back to Alex with.


Tina to contact 6 garden team members to weed and turnover the soil on 3 allotments, asap.


Judith presented material relating to Lyttleton Community Gardens, Ellerslie Garden Show and Christchurch Community Garden map.


Questions to be considered by all:


"What do you think is a community garden?"


"Who do you think will use the allotments in the community gardens?"


"Who do you think will visit the community gardens?"


Email your answers to



Meeting closed 9.15pm


Next Meeting: 9.30am, Thursday, 16th March 2009 @ Riversdale Community House

Will include a walk and visit to the Marlborough Community Gardens.



Working Bee March09

Click on article to read


The Leader, Nelson newspaper March 2009

Double click on the article to read


MOU signing article

Double cick on the article to read

The Marlborough Express editorial dated March 4th 2009


Working Bee 11 th March and 14 th March

Hi everyone,
On Wednesday 11th March starting 8am to 3pm
and Saturday 14th March starting 8am to 3pm
a working bee will be underway at the site of the Marlborough Community Gardens.
come along when the time suits you on the Wednesday and Saturday.
rally up some able bodies, keen gardeners, keen to learn gardeners, family, friends, workmates and anyone else who would like to participate.
bring along tools, energy, drinks and a picnic lunch.
we will keep you updated on any specialty equipment we may need to lend, borrow or hire.
Tina Fortune
Manager Marlborough Farmers Market
021 024 23496 Phone
(03) 579 3598 Fax